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E-Commerce Marketing Strategist

E-Commerce Marketing Strategist

Are you someone who is creative, engaging, and can manage multiple tasks simultaneously? Are you passionate about both the ideation and creation of great marketing content? Do you enjoy a fast-paced environment where your co-workers take their work seriously, but not themselves? If so, this job may be for you!

Experience: Bachelor’s degree in marketing, communications, or other relevant field; 2+ years’ experience in digital marketing and social media management required

Salary: Dependent on experience (Full Time, Exempt)

Hours: Monday-Friday, 8:30AM-4:30PM

What this Job is in a Nutshell:

We are looking for someone who will help to develop a marketing strategy for our online brands, and then work with others within our team to execute upon that strategy. Since most of our marketing content is posted to online marketplaces such as Amazon, Walmart,, etc., part of this job also involves curating the presentation of these materials on those websites. This job therefore includes a balance of creative thinking and execution of tasks (such as participating in product photoshoots, uploading content to websites, communicating with potential marketing partners, etc.)

This Job Might Be Perfect for You If:

·         You are a creative thinker

·         You enjoy turning your creative ideas into reality

·         You have an eye for determining great content from good content (images, videos, copy)

·         You are organized and are a master of time management

·         You have a keen attention to detail and can multi-task

·         You have at least some familiarity with the use of social media for marketing

·         You enjoy working on a small team where your contributions will make a difference

Perks and Benefits:

·         2 weeks paid vacation (accrued)

·         Paid holidays.

·         1 week paid sick time (accrued)

·         Health insurance

·         Life insurance

·         401K program

·         Profit sharing