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How to Apply

We have several jobs available for a variety of positions, many of which do not require related experience or fancy degrees. We have a great culture and want to preserve it. Because of this, we believe that the person with the right work ethic and the right attitude will be the best long term fit for our team. Click "Open Positions" on the top menu to see a list of positions we are seeking to fill. Not sure if we’d be a mutual fit? Learn about our ideal candidate. If this describes you, we really want to meet you and encourage you to apply.

How to Apply

There’s a reason we ask a lot from our job applicants. After 10 years of learning about the type of people that best fit our culture, we have come to this realization: those who do their homework on our company and put forth effort with the application process tend to enjoy a long term career within our organization.

The first step is to spend some time on our Zippity Outdoor, WamBam and Enclo websites. Then check out our blog and social media pages to get a feel for our culture. If who we are and what we do resonates with you, you are ready to apply.

We are going to ask a lot of you during the application process, and it’s going to take a good hour or more of your time. Most people don’t want to take the time or effort and this is a great way to filter applicants. In other words, if you complete the entire application, you have already broken some of the barriers to entry. If you don’t include all the information we are asking for, your application will not be considered, no matter how qualified you are.

Unfortunately you can’t save your application and come back to it, so to give you a head’s up before you start the process, we are going to ask you to submit the following:

  1. Personal contact information
  2. Position you are applying for
  3. Educational background
  4. Employment history
  5. References
  6. Resume (PDF or Word document)
  7. Answers to the following three questions: a book that has impacted you, how you handled a difficult situation with a customer or colleague, and why you want to work at Nych Brands.
  8. A 2-3 minute video telling us about yourself. If you need help understanding why we ask for a video, read this blog entry