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Software Engineer

Job Description: Software Engineer 

We are looking for someone to join our Charlotte-based technology team. This person will help code custom software as directed by our technical lead, troubleshoot EDI, work with APIs, assist users with highly technical issues, and be the first round of troubleshooting for hardware that generates box labels. Because this person will help provide internal support to our team it is an in-office position. 

Education & Experience Required:  Degree in Computer Science or similar, plus 3+ years’ experience. 

Hours: Monday-Friday (Full Time; Exempt) during normal business hours. There is some flexibility to start times and end times. 

Salary: Competitive salary plus benefits 

Reporting to:Michael Shields 

Skills Required: 

  • Coding proficiency, preferably in Python 

  • Creative problem solver with critical thinking and natural technical skills 

  • Ability to work in the office with less technical users with a remote technical team 

  • Tenacity to push for solutions, yet not afraid to ask for help 

  • Good people skills to help users with tech issues (we do not expect this person to provide general user computer support; we are referring to highly technical problems with our custom software or systems) 

  • Have an intrinsic understanding of what a user’s need is vs a want and the ROI required 

Nice to Haves: 

  • Python experience 

  • JavaScript/CSS experience 

  • Label printing hardware experience 


This Job Might Be Perfect for You If: 

  • You love coding 

  • You like a fast-paced work environment 

  • You like dealing with a variety of people and situations and technologies 

  • You are very proactive and can work with little supervision 

  • You are a natural problem-solver with critical thinking skills 

  • You love technology 

  • You aren’t afraid to try new things 

  • You are a lifelong learner with natural curiosity 

  • You possess excellent written and verbal communication skills. 

Some of What You’ll Be Working On: 

Project Management 

You will be a liaison between our Charlotte team and the development team in Argentina. You will attend daily standups to help the software team through impediments. You will work with internal users to determine what is a bug versus an enhancement request and whether temporary workarounds are available or appropriate.  

Label Printing Hardware 

We are implementing a wireless Zebra printing system that runs on LinkOS. Over time, you will be expected to have a deep understanding of how this works to be able to troubleshoot and code the printer. Our company vision includes some sophisticated label printing hardware and automation, so this person should enjoy working with hardware and automation. 


We use a lot of API connections; you will be responsible for several connections from our partners or vendors to our systems. 


Although we prefer to use APIs when possible, some partners still use EDI to transmit data. You will be responsible to troubleshoot and fix any EDI failure points that arise. 

Coding & Technologies 

There is ample opportunity for coding as we have a variety of projects on the docket and a couple hundred Jira tickets waiting to be addressed. The most immediate need is coding within our proprietary Back Office software using Python, but there are lot of coding opportunities within our websites as well. 

Perks and Benefits: 

  • 2 weeks paid vacation (accrued), 5 days PTO, all major holidays plus a couple extra paid days off around the holidays 

  • Health insurance or HSA 

  • 401K